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Information about the email system, including mailguard
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Article Mailguard - Usage
The Mailguard system is most effective when properly setup by each user to match their preferences and interacted with on a regular basis. The...
Views: 1937
Article Anti-Virus
We do not actively scan our file systems due to the performance impact they cause.  We do however perform periodic scans of all files on the...
Views: 1727
Article Bounced Email
If are notified by someone that they tried to send an email and it was rejected it is most likely that their server has been used for sending SPAM...
Views: 1529
Article Web Access to Email
Roundcube WebMail Interface: http://mail.web-host.net/roundcube MailGuard Spam Management: http://mailguard.web-host.net
Views: 1403
Article General Q & A
Q:  Is my data backed up? A:  The data is backed up via on-disk snapshots.   Q: Can I have shell (ssh) access? A: For an...
Views: 1379


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