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Cloud Solutions

We are in the process of building and certifying our cloud services platform.

Cloud Compute Services

We are in the process of testing and integrating the cloud services automated provisioning engine. Expect to see it launched mid-summer. Future Reality Solutions cloud services will be in the form of Infrastructure As A Service. This allows you, the customer, to run your OS of choice and configure the system in a way that meets your standards. We are also working on providing software based VPN appliances so that you can integrate your cloud based infrastructure over secure VPN connections.

If you need something deployed before we get the automated provisioning engine on-line, please Contact us and we can manuyally provision your infrastructure.

Things we will need to know:

  • drive space
  • RAM
  • OS
  • IP Range that will manage the infrastructure

Cloud Backup Services

Future Reality Solutions is partnered with MyIvault.com to offer remote, encrypted offf-site backup. Using industry leading deduplication technology, MyIvault.com is capable of protecting hundreds of GB of storage from your servers, desktops and laptops across consumer grade connections. For more information, please contact MyIvault.com