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Cloud Solutions

We are in the process of building and certifying our cloud services platform.

Our Data Center

We believe that your data and applications are one of your most important assets. That is why we use enterprise class hardware from HP, NetApp, Juniper, Extreme Networks and APC to build our infrastructure. By using high performance & high quality equipment, we are not hindered by architectural shortcomings when it comes to your applications. We offer our customers the ability to have reliable, yet flexible infrastructure customized for their needs. To find out more, contact Web-Host.net today.

About us

Founded in 1995 to provide hosting services for small business customers in Oklahoma, Web-Host.net has built a reputation of providing the personal touch with high value hosting services. Since inception, Web-Host.Net has maintained greater than 99.9% availability, thus assuring our clients web presence is available to their customers.

As a forward looking technology architect, David Byte, the founder, built the service infrastructure on enterprise class hardware and software. This in conjunction with the ability to embrace and implement innovative technologies is what keeps Web-Host.net ahead of the competition. Keep your eyes on the Latest News sections of the site to see the new innovations being used to improve service and availabilty to Web-Host.net's customer base.

About the Founder:

David Byte is an accomplished IT professional with past roles including technical analyst, systems engineer, senior systems architect and Chief Technology Officer. His experience covers the areas of networking, security, storage, virtualization, unix and windows for clients and his own businesses. David also serves as CIO of QuantumDelta and CTO of MyIvault.com.

David is married and has three lovely daughters. He enjoys spending time with his family, going camping and taking an occasional relaxing fishing trip.